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Corporate Markets

Corporate Markets are formed when companies join together online with a common goal of streamlining the transaction process between one another. This business-to-business trading allows for faster, lower cost, and more efficient commerce to take place across the entire supply and demand chains.

TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition delivers the unmatched ability for online marketplaces to offer improved trading capabilities across multiple models: Forward and Reverse Auctions, RFQs, Structured Negotiations, and open market bid/ask trading are all fully supported.

TruMarket will enable three main categories to vastly improve the quality of their online commerce:


Brokers & Distributors

TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition provides brokers and distributors - the essential liquidity providers within a vertical market space - powerful connectivity and trading capabilities with their customers. Brokers and distributors are the critical link between supply and demand, and TruMarket allows them to be more efficient and profitable in their operations.

By supplementing traditional phone and fax-based operations with a TruMarket-powered online trading system, brokers and distributors gain:

  • Direct access to customers via the web
  • Efficient price distribution and market-making
  • Customer-specific dynamic pricing and counteroffer support
  • Fast order execution and booking
  • The most powerful multi-attribute supply and demand matching available

Private Exchanges

TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition allows corporations to easily set up and maintain powerful trading communities, connect with their customers and suppliers, and dramatically reduce the overhead required to negotiate and execute online transactions.

TruMarket allows these marketplaces to offer high-efficiency trading and negotiation among partners. TruMarket empowers buy and sell-side organizations with:

  • Open connectivity with vendors and trading partners
  • Branded private "trading rooms" for select partners
  • Attribute-based fixed-price catalogs, forward and reverse auctions, and bid/ask dynamic pricing
  • Customizable automated RFQs and structured negotiations to allow online transition of existing business practices

Public Exchanges

Independant and Consortia-backed public exchanges offer a centralized and easily accessible forum for market players to participate. They reduce information and search costs, de-fragment the marketplace, and help facilitate product and market liquidity.

TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition offers powerful trading and community management functionality to these exchanges.

  • User hierarchy and trading organization management
  • Fully customized user interface for better acceptance in industry-specific deployments
  • Flexible workflow and order execution rules
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