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Financial Markets

The technical needs of the financial markets are among the most complex and demanding in the enterprise software industry.

Recent regulatory changes in trading markets and the intensified appetite for innovative products are quickly rendering traditional exchange platforms obsolete and ineffective.

TruMarket 2.0 Financial Edition offers the first multi-parameter matching engine and risk management solution designed specifically for the high-performance and high-availability needs of the financial markets.



The competition between traditional regulated exchanges and their electronic counterparts is intensifying and both are frustrated with the limits of existing online exchange technology - high connectivity costs, difficulty in launching new products, and loss of the flexibility that off-line traders and customers gain from floor trading.

TruMarket 2.0 Financial Edition enables traditional floor-based exchanges to supplement their operations and allows electronic exchanges to expand and improve their capabilities with a platform that can work in conjunction with or completely replace aging legacy transaction engines with a high-speed, functional online matching engine. In particular, TruMarket offers exchanges:

  • Attribute-based architecture for on-the-fly creation and deployment of new products and markets.
  • Complex instruments, including implied spreads and compound orders.
  • High-speed matching and high-availability deployment.
  • Native Internet and web connectivity.

FCMs and Broker-Dealers

Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) and other commodity and equity broker-dealers are finding it increasingly necessary to connect directly with their customers over the web and offer their own order matching and routing functionality. TruMarket 2.0 Financial Edition enables FCMs to do this and even provide more functionality to their own traders and customers. TruMarket offers these intermediaries:

  • Internalization of order flow: automatically match orders among customers and route those unfilled to the exchange floor.
  • Multi-dimensional risk management - better management with more information.
  • FIX 4.2 / FIXML support for wide-scale connectivity with legacy exchange platforms and front-end systems

Financial Services Institutions - OTC Markets

Investment banks, brokerages, and other institutional investment houses are constrained by their current technology infrastructure. Most current software will not allow them to participate in the burgeoning over-the-counter (OTC) markets for a variety of instruments. In an area dominated by voice brokers who themselves are demanding more efficient technology, TruMarket 2.0 Financial Edition offers the right solution for efficient formalized trading in these emerging markets.

  • High-speed price distribution, discovery, and order matching.
  • Easily-accessible web- or private network-based trading environment.
  • Multiple customized trading models, including bid/ask spot market, call auction, and optimized batch-clearing
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