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Technology : TruMarket 2.0 Financial Edition

N-tier Enterprise Java Architecture Modified For Financial Applications

TruMarket 2.0 Financial Edition is built on the same proven Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) component architecture that powers TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition, however it has been specially optimized for the unique high-availability and performance requirements of the financial markets.

The tiered component architecture employs best-of-breed system modules, and supports middleware products from major vendors such as TIBCO's TIB Rendezvous, IBM's MQSeries, and Sonic Software's SonicMQ.


Highly scalable node-based Transaction Pipe

TruMarket's application logic is deployed as a series of distributed system nodes connected by a high-speed Java Message Service (JMS)-based message bus.

This architecture allows for both dynamic reconfiguration of the marketplace and the creation of node extensions for the deployment of custom business logic.

The in-memory matching system handles hundreds of matches per second on modest server hardware and scales to thousands of transactions per second on enterprise-class systems. Support is available for small, low-cost, in-house solutions on one or few machines to high-end, redundant, high-availability exchange-class systems with thousands of users and millions of transactions.

The message-based architecture also allows for rapid integration of custom components to support new matching algorithms and risk management processes.


FIX Compatible

A FIX 4.1 and 4.2 message- and session level-compliant engine adaptor connects TruMarket 2.0 Financial Edition based platforms to industry standard Order Management Systems.

Native XML and FIXML 4.1 and 4.2 are supported and bring extensibility and improved interoperability to TruMarket-powered online markets.


Secure Exchange Infrastructure

TruMarket's secure communications infrastructure relies on proven PGP/DES or SHTTP connections to ensure your client's valuable information is protected from prying eyes.


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