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Overview : TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition

Digital Marketplaces: Efficiently engaging with your trading partners

Traditional supply-chain, procurement, and distribution relationships are slow and costly. Fragmentation is large, information costs are high, and price discovery is nearly impossible.

Recently, public and private online marketplaces have moved traditional business-to-business commerce to the Internet. Online exchanges, net markets, vertical hubs, metamediaries, and private exchanges all have a common aim – more efficient, reliable, and effective transactions between trading partners.


Different markets, different needs

Every industry has its own way of conducting business, and marketplace software needs to reflect that. It must enable existing business practices online. Some require auctions, others prefer catalogs, and still others utilize the open market bid/ask model. In some, negotiation is the norm, while in others, it's limited to standard RFQs. Each market will have its own workflow rules, user permissions, organization structure, and administrative needs.


"Faster than speed dial"

Marketplace participants vary in their own needs: Some users want all the market information on one page, others need a simple, step-by-step interface. If users cannot learn in a very short amount of time how to most effectively use an online marketplace, they won't. If it's faster to call a trading partner than to perform a transaction online, speed dial will remain the superior.


2nd-generation markets require 2nd-generation software

The software powering the online trading must support these differences and embrace the qualities of each market that make it unique. Until now, no software has been able to successfully accomplish all of these tasks.

TruMarket finally makes it possible.


TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition is a powerful and comprehensive offering that allows for full-range customization and flexibility. From the user interface to personalized private trading rooms, TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition offers all of the features necessary to deploy a successful online marketplace.

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