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Download the TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition Datasheet (PDF - 30k)

Technology : TruMarket 2.0 Marketplace Edition

N-tier Enterprise Java Architecture

TruMarket is built on a proven Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) component architecture and has been designed to industry standards for maximum flexibility, performance, and reliability.

The tiered component architecture assures that best-of-breed system modules can be employed and serve a range of customer needs, budget, and performance requirements.

TruMarket uses a JDBC-compatible data store, a JMS compatible message bus, and can operate within several popular enterprise-class Java application servers.

The front-end XSL and Servlet infrastructure provides for rapid development of custom user interface flow and custom branded look and feel.


Highly scalable node-based Transaction Pipe

TruMarket's application logic is deployed as a series of distributed system nodes connected by a high-speed JMS-based message bus.

This architecture allows for both dynamic reconfiguration of the marketplace and the creation of node extensions for the deployment of custom business logic.

The in-memory matching system handles hundreds of matches per second on even modest server hardware, and the message backbone offers a rapidly scalable deployment environment. Markets can range from small, low-cost solutions on one or few machines to high-end, redundant, high-availability systems.


Fully integrated XML support eases integration

TruMarket's high-speed message bus passes only XML-formatted messages between system nodes. "Message Splitter" nodes can be inserted to easily integrate external systems along any point in the market flow.

TruMarket also offers an external XML-based API for integration with other pre- and post-transaction systems.


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