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TruExchange's implementation team is charged with one mission only: to deliver the most powerful and effective online market platforms to our customers on-time and on-spec. The implementation process follows our TruPlan project methodology, and is an effective and reliable method for deploying a customized TruMarket-powered online marketplace.


TruPlan™ Project Methodology


The TruPlan Methodology is a proven project management framework designed to define, develop, deliver, and support a customized trading platform in the shortest possible timeframe. This process spans the sales cycle and continues through post-implementation support. The methodology is broken up into 5 phases, each with its own clearly defined procedures and associated deliverables.

Scope: The scoping phase starts with sales and ends with a clear definition of the project and its deliverables. This is captured in a signed letter of intent with the client.

Analysis: The next step in the process is to get a solid understanding of customer requirements and document them to ensure clarity. This step is achieved with a series of meetings to gather the necessary detail - the highlight of which is our 3-day Discovery process, an intense workshop to hammer out key functional requirements. Once completed, a Functional Requirements document is delivered and signed off by the client.

Design: This phase builds upon the information discovered in the analysis phase and results in detailed Functional Specification from which the system will be customized to fit. This includes a complete user interface and all the necessary business logic needed to achieve the desired functionality. Another formal sign off takes place after this phase.

Customization Development: Once the specifications are complete, the technical design, user interface design and integration, and any customization development begins. This involves producing a gap analysis to account for any requirements lying outside the scope of the product and properly plan for any custom functionality.

Implementation: After completing the development, a rigorous QA and acceptance phase begins. Upon completion, the exchange can be deployed in the chosen method (ASP, in-house, or outsourced). Training and knowledge transfer also occur at this point.

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Throughout each of these phases, constant communication, status reporting, and risk management processes are enforced. Each signed document is managed under a strict change control mechanism to control scope and feature creep. By following this process with each client, TruExchange is able to provide a consistent, repeatable process that achieves the expected result every time.


Taxonomy Management

A market taxonomy is the hierarchical breakdown of the categories, products, and associated attributes used by TruMarket in buying, selling, and matching.

Every deployment, whether in semiconductors, auto parts, fixed income securities, or multi-leg pork belly spreads, has an associated taxonomy. Ensuring a well designed and properly implemented marketplace taxonomy is an essential step in delivering a usable and successful market.

TruExchange has several offerings to assist in the development of this critical market component, including:

Consulting/Design: Some marketplaces will have to build a taxonomy from a collection of other sources and normalize it into a standard model. This process can sometimes be quite difficult and labor intensive. TruExchange has the resources and skills to assist our clients and build a taxonomy in the most efficient manner possible.

Data Creation/Loading: Loading and maintaining taxonomy data can be a very daunting task without the proper tools. TruExchange offers a pre-built interface to facilitate the entry and maintenance of the entire taxonomy in real-time. We also offer tools that allow frequent bulk loading/updating of taxonomy data that otherwise would be too cumbersome to load manually.

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We are committed to providing our customers and partners with outstanding knowledge and information exchange services. We continually improve our methods for educating our clients and their users on how to get the most out of TruMarket-powered online markets.

We offer formal training programs for users, administrators, and executives, as well as a variety of web-based and self paced training options. We also offer documentation packages to assist in effective daily operations and maintenance of the system.

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