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TruExchange offers a variety of operations support services to assist our customers in running a smoothly-functioning and professionally managed online system.

Our ASP Services provide a secure, hosted environment for a market to operate. All networking, hardware, monitoring, and support is professionally managed by a TruExchange partner on a guaranteed-performance platform at a cost dramatically below that of a self-managed solution.

Our Direct Support Services provide 24x7 call-center and on-site technical support to our clients and ensure that a once a TruMarket-powered marketplace starts running, it stays running.


ASP Services

TruEnterprise: Total Solution ASP Offering

The TruEnterprise Application Service Provider (ASP) offering is targeted at both organizations seeking a low cost, full-service marketplace and at firms hesitant to committing the substantial capital required to build a full-scale marketplace infrastructure from scratch.

TruEnterprise is designed as a complete managed solution for online markets. Through partnerships with several high-end service providers, TruExchange has developed an integrated service infrastructure that includes all of the elements required for a successful high volume exchange operation.

This infrastructure includes:

  • Enterprise-class server and networking hardware with complete redundancies and backup services
  • Application hosting from a tier-1 service provider
  • Very high speed Internet connectivity with security firewall protections
  • Proactive system and network management to ensure performance levels and availability
  • A 7x24x365 support center for reporting, tracking, and escalating any difficulties which may occur.

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Direct Support Services

TruExchange provides three levels of support options with our TruMarket platforms:

1. Basic Support


Product Hotline Support

Provides timely responses to questions about general product usage, configuration, documentation, and problem workarounds.

Online Technical Support Center

Provides additional benefits by enabling registered users to access "anytime, anywhere" support. Customers can also obtain training information at this site.

Support Performance Metrics

TruExchange is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of customer success and satisfaction by providing unparalleled service to our customers. We publish quarterly performance reports for all customers with valid support accounts. These reports present "target versus actual" performance metrics for technical support issues submitted to the customer support organization.

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2. Managed Support

Our managed support directly connects customers' systems to TruExchange's support organization and offers Level-3 application support directly from our engineering group. This enables TruExchange to login to the system and troubleshoot directly, minimizing downtime. Network connectivity is established either through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection through the Internet or via a carrier-switched private network.


3. Advanced Engineering Support


On-Site Installation Engineers

TruExchange can provide a full-service installation of the customer's TruMarket software. This service includes installation planning, installation of new software, configuration of taxonomy data, and continuing upgrades and patches of TruExchange products.

On-Site Engineering Service

Functioning as an extension of the customer's organization, an on-site engineer can be stationed at the customer's facility to provide end-user support, customized training and system integration support.

Continuing Application Development

TruExchange recognizes that once a deployment has gone live, end-user feedback, changes in the market, and brilliant new ideas continually reshape the functional needs of an online market.

TruExchange offers continuing application development services as a means for our customers to implement new features and functionality in their online systems. Operating under our TruPlan Methodology, we ensure timely updates, realistic release schedules, and the full support of TruExchange's strong engineering organization.

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